Our hard work

We are a fusion of Latin American cuisines, a feast of flavors that will take you on a gastronomic journey to South America. Through teamwork and lots of effort, we deliver an honest and emotional message to the world: “In Arepa We Trust.”

Our start

It all started as an idea that emerged during a lunch, which then became a reality...

Aiming to serve in several areas of Florida with a vibrant fusion of contemporary Latin food, full of flavors capable of taking our customers on a trip to South America, Bocas Grill came to life in November of 2014. Our goal is to surprise you with the most succulent flavors and generous portions that are visually amazing and full of amazing flavors.

Just like home

We are a fusion restaurant and want to be your first option when it comes to sharing and enjoying delicious food and great service. Welcome to your home!

Try something new with our food

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